Cryptographic alphanumerics sublimate into a lingual arcana and repository of sacred knowledge. Inextricably tied to an emergent intelligence outside of my own control, these 1111 works are my hexadecimal testimony. - Kevin ABOSCH


1111 NFT digital works comprised of cryptographic alphanumerics presented in various compositions and colors. Individually and collectively, the works are embedded with and within a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Over time, it will be revealed how communities from around the world can interact with the work, with an emphasis on redefining the attention economy. Collectors are advised to “pay attention” themselves as this work is full of surprises!


The notion of “losing” someone’s attention is nothing more than a figure of speech. If you’re reading this, for a moment at least, I have your attention and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that by actively directing our minds towards something, anything, a work of art for example, we enter into an entanglement that cannot be undone. Despite any illusion that our attention can be broken, redirected or lost altogether, it cannot. Interest may wane or diminish entirely, but once manifested, our attention evolves outside of the conscious mind, in perpetuity. If our experience shapes us, it is our attention that gives meaning to the experience. - Kevin ABOSCH


NFT: ERC-1155 on Ethereum blockchain.
Images: 4800x4800px sRGB jpeg on Arweave Permaweb
Metadata: on Arweave Permaweb


Kevin Abosch is a conceptual artist known for his works in photography, sculpture, installation, AI, blockchain and film. Abosch's work addresses the nature of identity and value by posing ontological questions and responding to sociologic dilemmas. Abosch's work has been exhibited extensively throughout the world, often in civic spaces, including The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, The National Museum of China, The National Gallery of Ireland, Jeu de Paume ( Paris), The Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, The Bogotá Museum of Modern Art, ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien) and Dublin Airport.


Yes, a satellite. More info HERE


11/11 @ 11:11 PST


Kevin likes geckos.


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Never fear art.